Steganography demo

Visit  Original iPhone 5s photo  iPhone 5s image w/ hidden message. The password is ‘pAssw0rd’. The images were FTP’d into a directory and this WordPress post linked to the images. If the images were uploaded into the WordPress media manager, the steganography was lost – maybe due to compression(?).

Create Microsoft SQL Azure Database Read-Only User

To create a login (server wide account) which uses a simple username + password combination for SQL authentication: CREATE LOGIN ReadOnlyUserName WITH PASSWORD = ‘strong_password’; NOTE: This allows the user to connect using SQL Management Studio. It is not required if the user only needs to connect to a specific database.   To create a user to … Read more

Deleting worksheets from Excel using VBA

On Error Resume Next ‘turn off error handling Application.DisplayAlerts = False ‘turn off alerts Worksheets(“Summary”).delete Worksheets(“RBI”).delete Worksheets(“HR”).delete Worksheets(“ERA”).delete Application.DisplayAlerts = True ‘turn alerts back on On Error GoTo 0 ‘turn error handling back on

Senior photo videos in iMovie

Each photo is 4 seconds – 3 seconds for the photo and 1 second for the transition (cross dissolve). I use the photo album theme with a senior pic as the album cover along with their name. Each video is roughly divided into 4 sections (pre-elementary, elementary, middle, and high school). The first three sections correspond … Read more

Removing virtual machines from Azure in bulk

Using Microsoft Azure PowerShell and Azure Service Manager, this script will loop through all provisioned cloud services and display them in a selection box to allow multiple cloud services to be selected to be deprovisioned and deleted, easily, at one time.  Very handy for cleaning up after demonstrations and student labs. # Modified from a blog post … Read more