Senior photo videos in iMovie

Each photo isĀ 4 seconds – 3 seconds for the photo and 1 second for the transition (cross dissolve).

I use the photo album theme with a senior pic as the album cover along with their name.

Each video is roughly divided into 4 sections (pre-elementary, elementary, middle, and high school). The first three sections correspond to songs 1, 2, and 3. The high school section usually requires two songs because usually there are more pictures in this section. The transition for each section is a photo albums theme transition. Each photo within the section is a simple cross dissolve.

At the end of the video I add a page turn transition back to the first baby picture, page turn to a senior picture, page turn to a family, and finally page turn to a silly picture.

Photos & Video Times:
100 photos = ~ 6:39
150 photos = ~ 9:56
200 photos = ~ 13:16
250 photos = ~ 16:36
288 photos = ~ 19:11