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Remote access to a MySQL server running on Ubuntu 18

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SSH into Ubuntu Allow MySQL service listen on the server IP address instead of Under [msqld], change bind-address = to the db_server_IP_address. Restart the MySQL server: Allow SQL traffic through the firewall: Create a new user with permissions: Update an existing database and user to allow remote access:

AM2302 (DTH22) on Adafruit Feather HUZZAH reporting via Wi-Fi (step 4)

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Next we’ll connect the Feather to Wi-Fi and report the temperature and humidity data to a cloud MySQL database server through a web page. Using the MAC address for the Feather you found in step 2, register the Feather on Devicenet. Paste the is sketch and make necessary edits (indicated with //TODO): // //…

Testing AM2302 (DTH22) on Adafruit Feather HUZZAH (step 3)

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For this, I purchased: solderless breadboard (3 pack) – $9.99 each Adafruit AM2302 temperature & humidity sensor – $15 each   Connect the AM2302 sensor to the Feather using the breadboard: Download the DHT-sensor-library from Adafruit’s Github Unzip and place the folder in On a PC:   /Program Files (x86)/Arduino/libraries/DHT-sensor-master-library On a Mac:   /Documents/Arduino/libraries/DHT-sensor-master-library Sketch –>…

Get the MAC address of an Adafruit Feather Huzzah Arduino board (step 2)

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Create a new sketch with the following code and upload it: #include “ESP8266WiFi.h” void setup(){ Serial.begin(115200); delay(500); Serial.println(); Serial.print(“MAC: “); Serial.println(WiFi.macAddress()); } void loop(){} Open the serial monitor (magnifying glass). Press the reset button on your Feather. You should then see the MAC address associate with the wireless Ethernet radio on your Feather appear in…

Connecting to an Arduino Feather Huzzah and Testing (step 1)

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For this project I purchased an Arduino Feather Huzzah Adafruit 2821 Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 Wi-Fi Mac installation: Following the instructions on the Feather Huzzah page, I downloaded the latest Arduino IDE:Arduino IDE.Next, I downloaded and installed the Legacy CP2104 USB driver for my Mac from here.   Windows installation: I downloaded the Windows installer (.exe)…

Resetting the AUTO_INCREMENT value in MySQL

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How do I remove all data from a table and reset the AUTO_INCREMENT value back to 1? TRUNCATE database_name.table_name  

Changing AUTO_INCREMENT value in MySQL

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How do I change the AUTO_INCREMENT value? ALTER TABLE database_name.table_name AUTO_INCREMENT=5000

Mac TextEdit modifications for coding

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Configure TextEdit on your Mac for use in coding projects, edit the settings below. TextEdit –> Preferences –>  

Reset passwords and unlock accounts on Oracle SQL server

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To unlock a user account on Oracle SQL: ALTER USER username ACCOUNT UNLOCK;   To reset the password on an Oracle SQL account: ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY a_new_password;  

Steganography demo

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Visit  Original iPhone 5s photo  iPhone 5s image w/ hidden message. The password is ‘pAssw0rd’. The images were FTP’d into a directory and this WordPress post linked to the images. If the images were uploaded into the WordPress media manager, the steganography was lost – maybe due to compression(?).

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